About Our Branch and the Party

We are the Portsmouth Branch of the Socialist Party of England and Wales.

We’re currently hold branch meetings every other tuesday in Southsea. On the alternate weeks Student meetings are held at the Students’ Union, while branch meetings also take place in Gosport.

For information on the next branch meeting contact Ben.m.norman@btinternet.com


We campaign on the issues which effect working people across the city, we also work with our comrades across the region and the country to campaign to defend services, workers rights and to promote the ideas of democratic socialism. To see what we stand for go to the ‘Our Demands Page’


We’re also  working alongside the Portsmouth Socialist Student Society to build the Youth Fight For Jobs campaign, the Campaign Against Fees and to build a fighting students’ union that takes a stand for its members.


About the Socialist Party

Working-class people need a party to stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

The Socialist Party has a long and proud record of struggling to defend working-class people. We are involved in many campaigns throughout the UK.

We are part of the Stop the War Coalition and campaign against the war and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

We support workers in industrial disputes, fight against tuition fees, privatisation, for better pay, to stop council house sell-offs and for free education. We campaign to stop the destruction and pollution of our planet and its environment. We fight for a socialist world free of war and terror.

New mass workers party

Two decades ago, we were called the Militant Tendency and campaigned in the Labour Party for socialist policies.

We led Liverpool City council’s battle for decent housing, jobs and services, and later defeated Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s poll tax which forced her to resign.

Today we believe that the three mainstream parties are nothing but reflections of each other and offer nothing to the average person. We are working to build a new workers party that can draw together trade unions, environmental and community campaigners, anti-capitalist, anti-war and other progressive activists to represent and fight for the interests of ordinary people.

Some people argue that this can not be done, but we have already started. In June we ran in an election coalition with the RMT trade union in the European elections and now we are working to build on this by standing in the next general election.

Election campaigns

We stand in elections across England and Wales. For instance in the June 2009 Euro elections we were part of the trade union-led No2EU – Yes to Democracy campaign.


Between 1983 and 1992, when we were part of the Labour Party, we had three socialist MPs – Dave Nellist, Terry Fields and Pat Wall – who lived on the average wage of the workers they were representing.

They never forgot their working class roots, or the problems of those workers that elected them – unlike many political and trade union leaders who live on inflated salaries.

We organise with other campaigning organisations to get councillors elected to represent the working class. The Socialist Party currently has two councillors in Coventry, two in Lewisham in London, and in Huddersfield, Socialist Party member Dr Jackie Grunsell, standing as a ‘Save Huddersfield’s NHS’ candidate, received 2,176 votes, a majority of over 700, on a turnout of over 49%.

Our sister sections in the Committee for a Workers’ International in places such as Australia, Ireland, Germany, Sri Lanka and Sweden also have elected councillors. Joe Higgins was a Socialist Party MP in Ireland, where he was known as the only honest man in the Irish parliament, and is now the Irish Socialist Party’s MEP – a member of the European parliament, elected in 2009.

Joe Higgins Election Night

Joe has only ever taken the wages of the average skilled worker in his constituency, donating the rest to fund the strugles of the working class. The CWI’s German section has six councillors, while Lucy Redler has gained national prominence by helping lead a struggle against cuts in Berlin. The CWI’s Swedish party has eight councillors.

The Socialist Party has more than twenty members elected onto the major trade union national executives.

The Socialist Party is in a unique position on the left to work with Trade Unions, Student Organisations, Green Groups and other progressive campaign movements to build a real alternative to the big three parties.

Together we can work to build a new party and together we can fight for a better society.


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