The Portsmouth Branch: Who Are We?


Welcome to the for the Portsmouth Branch of the Socialist Party. This site is currently under construction, but on it you can find out more details about our campaigns as well as finding more details about the Socialist Party and socialism in general.

The branch is coordinated by the branch committee, Andy Waterman, Stuart Thompson and Ben Norman. We also have a branch in Gosport as well as a Student Society at Portsmouth University.

Ben Norman – Branch Secretary

You can contact Ben at any time on:  07889 022 879

At Vestas Dispute

What Have We Achieved In  Portsmouth?

 The Portsmouth Socialist Student Society, working alongside the Party branch has consistantly been the most successful campaigning group within the University, a record reflected across the student movement by the Socialist Students Organisation. In Portsmouth we have led successful campaigns including:

 Led student societies in the ‘Fight the Fees’ campaign, delivering thousands of signatures to Secretary of state John Denham

 Led the campaign against the arms trade and for Palestine/Israel awareness week

 Boycotting ‘Killer Coca-Cola’ from Campus. Portsmouth became the first University to  stock Fair Trade Cola

 Led the campaign for a Muslim prayer room on campus to prevent students facing violence when travelling across the city at night to worship.

 The only student society to meet and debate with the University management to defend student services – and win!

 In 2007 we won the sabbatical election, standing on an anti-fees platform and a pledge to build a fighting students’ Union that takes a stand for the membership.

Outside of the University the branch played a key role in the Vestas campaign on the Isle of Wight, working alongside the occupiers and the worker’s trade union to build a campaign on the need for jobs, workers rights and tackling the issues of the environment. Now we are working with Unions across the city to build the Youth Fight For Jobs campaign.

At the last gernal election the branch also played a leading role in the ‘Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition’ which backed RMT rep Mick Tosh in Portsmouth North. We also stood a candidate in the 2011 local the elections as  we have continued to work alongside trade unionists and other socialists to build a fightback against the savage cuts of the Con-Dem coalition.

Our main priority is to fight all cuts and attacks on public services by the Con-Dem government. To this end played a key role in establishing PACT (Portsmouth Against the Cuts Together) the community anti-cuts group, which alongside the trades council has built support for strike action by public sector workers and presented an alternative Needs Budget to the City Council.





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