Doctors Support Call for Industrial Action Over Pensions

By a Junior Doctor and Socialist Party Member:

As the fight for public sector pensions intensifies the need for greater unity and resistance is crucial. The message from the ConDems is clear in their final offer for public sector pensions – work longer, pay more, get less. Anger is growing amongst health workers already hit by pay freezes, job losses and an increasingly overstretched NHS.

This was reflected at a meeting called by the BMA (British Medical Association) in Portsmouth this week. There was unanimity amongst the 160 doctors there to call for industrial action short of strike in the BMA’s current consultative survey of members due to close next week. This was up from a third of doctors supporting industrial action short of strike in a similar meeting in the build up to November 30th strike. This fight is not just about pensions.

With companies such as the American consutancy firm McKinsey poised to take over profitable NHS services the ConDems are desperate to slash NHS worker’s terms and conditions to make them more attractive for takeover. This is despite the fact that the NHS pension scheme is set to deliver over £10 billion to the treasury in the next four years. It is key that the BMA works closely with members of other health care unions to build a co-ordinated campaign to fight NHS cuts and privatisation.


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