TUSC Support Continues to Grow Across Portsmouth

TUSC Support Continues to Grow Across Portsmouth

Support for Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition parliamentary candidate Mick Tosh continues to grow across Portsmouth North as the election campaign gathers momentum.

The TUSC campaign team, featuring activists from UNITE, CWU, UNISON, PCS, the RMT, the Socialist Worker’s Party and the Socialist Party have been organising successful action days, campaign stalls and canvassing sessions at key locations across the city as the campaign draws the cities left together.

At Fratton Park Mick and the team distributed leaflets and manifestos while speaking to fans ahead of the home game with Blackburn, reiterating that he is the only candidate supporting the staff currently losing their jobs. Mick is also the only candidate calling for a full public investigation into the club’s finances and the only candidate to propose ‘Supporter and Community Directors’ as part of a ‘reclaim the game’ campaign.

In Cosham, at the north of the city, campaigners spoke to local hospital workers and many residents who simply felt betrayed by their current politicians. “We’re losing our jobs today,” said Linda, a shop worker on the high street.  “We were promised that this area would be re-generated by a Labour government and the Lib-Dem council, but that was clearly a lie. We’ll be voting for TUSC, it’s time that an ordinary guy like Mick was representing ordinary people like us.”

Similar stories have been repeated in North End, Stamshaw, Copnor and other areas of the city where Mick and the campaign team have been met with enthusiasm and encouragement.

There may only be a few short weeks of campaigning time left before the election, but the ‘TUSC: Portsmouth North’ campaign isn’t going to lose momentum after May 6th.

“We all know that May 6th isn’t the end of this, It’s the beginning,” said Socialist Party member Stuart Thompson. “What’s important is that after the election, when the government comes for our jobs and our services, we will be ready to face them. TUSC has brought us together and the coming fight is going to keep us together. We are calling for the current campaign team to become a branch of a new worker’s party. That’s what’s needed to continue, and win, this fight!”

A final election rally will be taking place on the 4th May at 7.30pm at Cosham Community Centre.


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