TUSC – The Next Step ….

Dear All,

Firstly, many thanks go to all who voted and campaigned for Mick Tosh and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition in Portsmouth North. Do not underestimate the historic step we have taken towards building a new political alternative and the important role we have played in proving that working people will not accept the big three party’s agenda of cuts.

As anyone who gave their time to this campaign can testify, we received nothing but a positive reaction and warm support from people we met on stalls, while the reaction from trade union branches across the country, who donated financial support to our campaign, has been phenomenal. Of course our share of vote, in this marginal Labour/Tory seat, was always going to be squeezed by a overwhelming fear of a Tory victory, but we have made a positive start and we have a concrete base to build upon.

The election campaign may be over, but it is not the end of TUSC, indeed it isn’t even the beginning of the end; rather it is the end of the beginning as we look towards the next stage of building a true working class alternative. In this election we have raised our banner and now we must continue to build on the contacts and links we have made to strengthen the Trade Union and working class movement across the city so we can continue to stand together against the savage cuts to come.

 To begin this next stage we will be holding an open meeting of TUSC candidates and supporters:

Tomorrow 7:30 pm, Fratton Railway Club

When the big three finish their behind-closed-doors talks and decide which of them will take the lead in cutting our jobs and services we will be ready.

Yours Fraternally,

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Portsmouth North Tuscportsmouth.press@gmail.com


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