As IBM Announce Redundancies Mick Tosh Blasts Main Parties for putting Rhetoric Above Reality in Manifestos

As IBM Announce Redundancies Mick Tosh Blasts Main Parties for putting Rhetoric Above Reality in Manifestos

As IBM announces a consultancy over redundancies in Portsmouth North Mick Tosh, Parliamentary Candidate for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, called for solidarity with the workers facing job losses and blasted New Labour MP Sarah McCarthy-Fry for failing to fight to protect jobs in the city.  
“Our MP, Sarah McCarthy-Fry, has said that the decision to make 480 workers redundant is IBM’s ‘commercial decision to make’. That simply isn’t good enough,” said Tosh. “As our MP why isn’t she fighting to save those jobs? This happened during the Vestas campaign on the Isle of Wight nine months ago, Sarah and her New Labour colleagues consistently put company profits above the people they are supposed to represent and it has to stop.”
“The fact that this announcement came to light on the same day that the Tories and New Labour revealed their new manifestos shows that for all their talk and glossy printing the reality is that working people are losing their jobs and they are doing nothing to stop that.”
IBM, based at North Harbour, has started a 90-day consultation over a round of job losses across the UK. This latest round of job cuts in the area follows on from job losses at Fratton Park, BAE and Vestas on the Isle of Wight. In the past 6 months there has also been strike action by civil service workers, postal workers and ballot for action by rail workers. 
“Each and every time that working people in this area have been faced with job losses or are being forced to fight for their conditions or pensions we have been there to support them, but that cannot be said for New Labour. That is the entire point of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, we are not only representing ordinary working people, we are ordinary working people representing ourselves.”
“The three main party’s manifestos push political rhetoric over reality. Labour say they promise ‘a fair future’ for all and the Tories invite us to ‘join the government’, but we won’t be taken in by that. All they are really promising are cuts and more cuts.”

“As the TUSC manifesto shows we are the only party, and I am the only candidate in Portsmouth, against cuts and for defending our vital public services. We don’t simply promise a fairer society, we are standing to build that society with working people by building a new political alternative that fights for us.”

The Manifesto for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition can be downloaded here:

A final Pre-Election TUSC rally will be held on the 4th May at Cosham Community Centre, 7.30pm. Invited speakers include representatives from the FBU, RMT, PCS and POA unions as well as workers from IBM in Portsmouth.


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