As Brown Calls Election TUSC Provides a Clear Choice for Portsmouth Voters

April 6th 2010

As Brown Calls Election TUSC Provides a Clear Choice for Portsmouth Voters

When Gordon Brown visited Buckingham Palace today to formally call the general election Mick Tosh, the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate for Portsmouth North, declared that his campaign is not only ready to challenge the two main parties in the constituency, but also the threat of the far right. TUSC, with Mick Tosh a ferry worker of 30 years as its candidate, will provide a genuine working class alternative for the voters of Portsmouth.

 “The election is now officially underway, Gordon Brown says we have a “big choice” to make and Portsmouth North is a seen as a key battleground constituency, yet come May 6th many people are going to go to the polls feeling that because the big three parties are so similar there is little to chose from. Many may even decide not to vote” said Tosh. “It’s true, the big three parties are identical when it comes to cutting our jobs and our public services, but this isn’t a three horse race, TUSC provides a real alternative.”

“I am the only candidate standing against the cuts planned by the other parties. I am the only candidate standing to repeal the anti-trade union laws and to bring public utilities, such as the railways, back into public ownership.”

“Of course we’re not the only party saying we’re the alternative. The BNP, UKIP and English democrats are reported to be standing in this city – what will these ultra right wing parties provide for working people, trade unionists and the less well off? Nothing! In contrast to their politics of division I am standing for solidarity with workers and people across the city who are fighting to defend jobs and our environment and the need to provide affordable, decent homes and quality services, not division of the other parties or the racism the BNP peddle.”

“I am standing in solidarity with staff at Fratton Park who are losing their jobs – where have the other parties been on this issue? I am the only candidate calling for a full, open, public enquiry into the club’s finances and calling for democratically elected ‘supporter and community directors’ so that we, the fans and people of Portsmouth, can gain a stake in our club and put it back into the heart of our community.”

“I am campaigning to keep the prison services and the post office in public ownership”

 ”I want a proper consultation and a vote of people who will be affected by the proposed new slip road off the M275″.

 ”I will campaign against the Lisbon treaty on the same grounds outlined during the ‘No-to EU- Yes to Democracy’ campaign in June.” “Gordon Brown says we have a ‘big choice’ to make, yet the big three parties provide no choice proposing only cuts or swifter cuts. Through TUSC we give working people, families, pensioners and those whose voice is not listened to a real choice, a way to say no to cuts, no to job losses and yes to improving our society with fairness for all. TUSC is the real alternative, giving ordinary people the right to represent themselves and represent the millions, not the millionaires.”


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