TUSC at Fratton Park: For A Worker’s and Fan’s Club!

Mick Tosh and the TUSC: Portsmouth North campaign team headed to Fratton Park on Saturday prior to Pompey’s 0-0 draw with Blackburn to stand in solidarity with workers at the club who still fear for their jobs and to call for fans to have a democratic stake in th running of their club.

Mick, a lifelong Pompey fan and season ticket holder, said:

“I am standing in solidarity with staff at Fratton Park who are losing their jobs. I am the only candidate calling for a full, open, public enquiry into the club’s finances and the only candidate calling for democratically elected ‘fans directors’, so that we fans can gain a stake in our club and put it back into the heart of our community.”

Mick was supported by members of the RMT, UNITE and the Socialist Party who gave out leaflets and collected names in support of the campaign.

“The response has been great,” said Ben Norman from the Socialist Party. “As fans we’re worried about the future of the club, but we’re also worried for those members of staff who are going to lose their jobs. Why should fans and workers have to pay for the owner’s crisis?”


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